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Aitsu no Daihonmei manga by Tanaka Suzuki

Aitsu no Daihonmei
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For Aitsu no Daihonmei and Tanaka Suzuki fans - gather, discuss and share!

...Don't be intimidated by Satou!

Come in, sit down, and join us in appreciating Tanaka Suzuki sensei's Aitsu no Daihonmei, and many of her other works! So far, Aitsu no Daihonmei has 4 complete volume releases in Japan, and we've only just begun volume 5 at chapter 3. It also has 3 drama CDs released so far. It is currently being serialized by Be x Boy Magazine.

What are you waiting for? Go ahead and join us! You'll get tons of goodies like chocolate from Satou when you do! Ufufufu...


♥ No bashing of any characters/pairings.

♥ Be nice and respectful to other members - we want a friendly community! :)


♥ Put large images, videos, long text like fanfiction behind LJ-cut. This is to ensure the layout doesn't go haywire. [How to LJ-cut HERE and how to insert images HERE. Other HTML guidelines HERE.]

♥ Tag properly, please. Tags help others find posts. Tags are maintained by mods, so if you feel your post needs an entirely new tag, please specify in your post.

♥ The tag "* zama * info" is not to be used by anyone else other than Zama herself.

♥ Warn for explicit adult content (NSFW/NC-17) and LJ-cut it. Also, use the "Adult Content:" drop down box when posting.

Posts requesting for and containing any downloadable file(s) are to be LOCKED. [To lock, choose "Members" at "Show this entry to:" when you are posting.]

♥ You may create posts to introduce yourself as you like! If possible, contribute something too! However, do NOT post something like, "OMG MY JOURNAL IS SO EMPTY I DESPERATELY NEED FRIENDS!!!111ONE@1! SO FRIEND ME BACK!" as your only content.

In case you are unsure of what to say, you may use the form below to do so:

Name: [I'd encourage you to put an alias for privacy and such, but it's up to you]
Why AnD: [Why does her work appeal to you? What's so interesting?]
Other Tanaka Suzuki's works: [Have you read her other works?]
Other fandoms: [Besides this mangaka and her works, do you dwell in other BL fandoms, or het fandoms, shounen fandoms etc?]
Anything else: [Add whatever you want or alter this form, or put in a artwork or fanfic of AnD or two?]

This post also directs you to some other members who have already introduced themselves earlier on - you can pop by and make friends there too!


♥ Please DO NOT re-upload any links yourself, even if they are expired. Let the uploader know, or one of your mods know.

♥ Do NOT share scans that you are not given permission to, unless you are the scanner/scanlator. [Chinese scans - just copypaste the links to their online readers.]

Fanart/Fanfic/MMV general guideline!

Title: [if applicable to fanart]
Rating: [use ratings like G/PG/PG-13/NC-17/R]
Character/Pairing: [whichever applies]
Summary: [if applicable for fanart]
Warning: [e.g. BDSM, high dosage of fluff etc]
Progress: [on-going or complete]

Further Enquiries?

xploded_tb (owner) - PM | Twitter | Tumblr
faye_naruse - PM
mssekishi - PM

Contact your mods if you have any questions. But before you do, please read the FAQs.

**Scanlation-related questions are meant to be directed to zamarinth and not us!


100yaoi - for all your prompts and writing fulfillment.
zodiac_subs - zamarinth and doodlelover's scanlation group, where AnD will be listed as their release from now onwards.

Affiliating with us, especially if you're a BL comm/scanlation group who does Tanaka-sensei's works?
If so, drop xploded_tb a note any time!


Plans to celebrate this community's birthday, which is on 4th October.

Leave your name here to confirm if you want to participate.

Further details to submissions and what happens and details about each category.


Valentine's Day, 14th Feb 2011
Fanart submissions | Fanfic submissions
Winner for fanfiction: doodlelover
Special thanks to: bananasamurai for being the sole submitter for fanart, and nangke for helping!


Birthday event 2011, 4th Oct 2011
Fanfic | Comic strip | Crack!scanlation
Unbelievably Surprising Fanfic - fryknight
Unbelievably Surprising Comic strip - sookybabi
Uneblievably Surprising Crack!scanlation - aidakura


Community's birthday celebration!

None so far. D:

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